Lisa Congdon

I'm a sucker for when art + typography + wise words meet. Here, pieces made by artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon on life as the binge we're all indulging in, patience, and the refusal to be silenced. Please check out her site for her profile and many illustrations.


No impasse, jose.

We don't always get what we want, but I'm through feeling hopeless and just trying, trying, trying. I'm standing up, dusting the sand off my skirt, and just choosing to live with joy & thankfulness. Yea, sorrow and despair, take that and go walking. Scoot.


Status: Away

Been in KL for more than 2 months now. I think I'm entering that phase where I so badly miss my friends (my default coffee-dinner-travel buddies, my 0.5 twin, my #solidtotheus team) and boyfriend. My heart aches for Quezon City. I miss our no frills home cooked meals, my aunts and nephew, being around. And then there are the Metro Manila activities: the theater and music one gets to enjoy, which is never lacking in Manila.

Universe, please be kind. It's November, too.