To sit, stare, and do nothing

I want to be where your heart is home.
I love this line from the She & Him song "Home." I like that it refers to the kind of shelter that embraces the infinite; one that could expand to accommodate another person's growth, while being sturdy enough to wait, welcome, & warm. Now, I find that the dream is not just to have a place to come home to at the end of the day, but be the definition of home to someone you care about.

To me, the appeal of this She & Him line lies in the desire to be "home" to someone. Not a new concept really, but to someone who likes to move around, to a person who's always been terrified of being constricted to one place, the idea that one day I'd be willing to expand wide enough to pause & just welcome someone feels some kind of hopeful.

Photo: Satsuke's house about to be engulfed by the sea from the Ghibli animation Ponyo

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