List: October's End-Start of November

Concerts (for feel good/honest/heartbreaking music to take me away)
1. Jason Mraz
2. The National

3. That "blog-guesting" thing (let's do that some justice)
4. A fictional/non-fictional piece which should bring in some clarity
5. More blog posts! Maybe upload some of the videos we took during B-2011

Wandering - first Singapore hello
6. Museums, museums! Asian Civilisation, Dali, Titanic (there's a Titanic exhibit, ohyes), Singapore National Museum, the NUS museum (good friend and astig art conservator Ricky F. is showing me around NUS. Excited about this!)
7. Chinatown
8. Kopi, Nasi Lemak, etc. - must ask Turtle for a food list
9.** Jurong Bird Park - the claim "the world's largest walk-in aviary"  is tempting. I hope I still have time + money to do this. Birds flying overhead would be a welcome sight.

Nine things to look forward to ought to keep a wayward girl happy. =D

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