"It’s hard to imagine the Golden Record being made now. I wish Carl Sagan were here to say, ‘You know what? A thousand billion years is a really long time. Nobody can know what will happen. Why not try? Why not reach for something amazing?’ There is no way to forestall what can’t be fathomed, no way to guess what hurts we’re trying to protect ourselves from. We have to know in order to love, we have to risk everything, we have to open ourselves up to contact — even with the possibility of disaster." (BrainPickings)

And I love these words from Penny Lane, creator of Voyagers, which, as BrainPickings sums up, is a short film about how Carl Sagan fell in love (“A thousand billion years of love, or what the vastness of space has to do with eternal mixtapes.”). Click on the above link to watch a preview.  

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