What do you want?

Magic. That intangible, illogical thing; that desire to make each other's lives more fun, happier, a little bit more wonderful.

A safe place. Knowing that when you communicate it is without judgment, that you can just say anything, be your nice/ naughty/ evil/ bright/ dumb/ witty, all your different selves, with this person because you're in a safe place, just as he/she is. 

Fascination. Nervousness.

Stories- of getting lost & figuring out the way, of remembering what you nearly forgot, and of finding things you didn't even know you were looking for.

Integrity, most of all with the self.


If this is reaching for the stars, I don't care. We'll get there in time.


  1. Yes, we'll get there in time.

  2. Poy, we miss you. How's the backpacking going?