We talk about the tragedy of false notions, the link between discovery and despair, the joy of understatement. When there is a knock on the door, a request to take a minute of our time, I say sure. We are inside the story, and to the students outside, I say, sure, come on in.
excerpted from "Geography Lesson," Conchitina Cruz

Brought as reading material Conchitina Cruz' Disappear - a book of poetry on our many disappearances: within ourselves, society, inside and outside a story/ stories, the city.

I love the way Cruz uses language - moving and poignant- and what it reveals. In "Geography Lesson" in particular, the subject was despair: and how, depending on your geopolitical location, you may have the luxury for it or you may not.

On a personal note, it got me thinking, given the choice, would you live a life worthy of poetry?  

(Thank you, Turtle, for this book recommendation!)

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