For 2012: Integrity and Love

This post is a bit late, after all we have been 11 days to 2012, but two words that I'd really like to achieve for the year: integrity and love.

Integrity, not in the "doing what's right even when no one is looking" sense (although that's cool, too), but integrity as a condition of wholeness, of being complete; that's one of the primary goals for 2012.

The second being love. Looking back, 2011 has truly been the #giddinessmagnet year (thank you, Universe). There were those moments of magic that lifted my feet off the ground and had me walking on air, i.e. the backpacking trip (B-2011) that allowed me and my girlfriends to escape the humdrum of everyday life and go on a 3-week adventure across Southeast Asia, those published pieces on Pulse.ph and an entry on hellogiggles.com, etc. These are great, yes, but quite sporadic. And for the year, the goal, really, is to be more consistent when it comes to doing the things that make me giddy. And what is kilig-made-permanent but love?

 The commitment I'm making to myself this year is to go after those things that make me whole with a greater sense of consistency this time around. So, to kick start that, a short list for myself:

1. Meet my deadlines. Self-imposed or client-imposed.
2. Treat writing as a necessary adventure, not just an escape. Make it a regular fixture.
3. Embark on those projects thought of in 2011.
4. Allocate mullah only on those things that truly count.
5. Give.  
6. Forgive.
7. Let go of unnecessary baggage.
8. Think twice before booking a trip (no more impulse-ticket buying).
9. Work towards a job I'll be happier with.
10. Be more present in whatever task I'm involved in.
11. Use the calendar more by penciling in schedules and to-dos. Plot goals and targets with a more long-term approach. 
12. Cook more and eat better.

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