Vigan: Calle Crisologo at night

Photos taken from a recent trip to Vigan, Ilocos Sur with Greenminds

One of the highlights/ must-dos of any trip to Viganto see and walk along Calle Crisologo at night
We found the name of the resto really funny, made more hilarious by the fact that I used to handle Customer Service training for one of the well-known plastic surgery centers in Manila (just to make it clear: I'm not an advocate of surgical cosmetic enhancements) and this resto's name sounds uncannily like "tummy tuck," a procedure that surgically flattens your stomach (it's quite bloody, I tell you). Tummy Talk, however, does just the opposite: it's all about tummy expansion, and how! They serve great, affordable food and nearly everything with bagnet! Do try their  Special Miki w/ Bagnet (a generous bowl costs around Php45-Php60) and Pakbet w/ Bagnet (under Php150).  

At night, Tummy Talk sets up tables on the street, making it the perfect spot to observe other tourists while you enjoy good Ilocano food.  
Greenminds has been to Vigan about ten times already. The reason he keeps going back? The empanada! Empanada in Vigan is incomparable. 

Make sure to swing by Irene's at Calle Crisologo. Their empanadas seem to have more longganisa and have all the requisite ingredients for an "authentic" Vigan empanada. Plus, the vinegar (the spicy and not spicy variants) is just perfect. Greenminds and I took home 4 each to Manila and he caught (okay, sniffed) me eating one right smack at  midnight on the bus on our way home.  


  1. Thanks for capturing these momories :)

    1. And thanks for letting yourself get dragged to Ilocos. ;)