What Sarah said

May I take the time to sit propped up in bed at 1:55 in the morning, to tell you that if you are younger than I am, truth is, life doesn’t really get easier? You just learn to deal with hardships with more grace and wisdom as time goes by. Pain still hurts, and confusion is still real, and sometimes things still fall apart no matter how convinced you are that your heart was enough to keep it together. But falling in love still tingles, and laughter is still contagious—and though things from the past seem smaller the older you get, truth is, it’s the little things that hold weight. 
May you be blessed with the ability to face it all with your head held high and a smile on your face, despite the fact that the gravity of life often seems hell-bent on pulling your shoulders down. What’s that quote about the number of muscles it takes to frown? 
May I also be so brazen as to tell you you’re not dreaming big enough? Granted, I don’t know all of you, and you might have an elaborate plan that supersedes anything I could devise or comprehend, but I’ll take a chance and say that you can go further, go harder, be stronger, love better, fall better, rise steadier, heal deeper, move faster, breathe slower, act braver. 
May you find your way and become a light that helps others find theirs.
 Sarah Meier-Albano, "May wishes"  


  1. Wow, Sarah Meier is awesome! :D