Revisiting the blogging question

Why do you blog?

This was a question thrown my way by Elephanj on the way home from Guimaras.

I was sort of taken aback because I haven't thought about this since re-activating the blog roughly a year ago. The confession was last year has been a game-changer of sorts. A lot of things were happening that blogging became a refuge from and a way to keep track of all the changes around me. While the description for this blog reads "Travel and all those other things in between" most days, it feels like it should really be written in reverse, i.e. "All those other things ...and traveling."

To me, "Blogging" is no more special than posting notes on Facebook or Multiply. It just feels like having one's own room instead of staying in a cubicle among many. It's a tool, really, for keeping in touch with friends who are away ("away" could anywhere from Las Pinas or Las Vegas) & a storehouse for those events and mundanities I'd one day love to look back to. It counts as a real treat, a blessing if you may, that this blog helped form friendships that transgressed the boundaries of the web (say hi, won't you).

I think after a year (& that last ma-drama episode by the beach), the world is less crazy. So perhaps this blog needs a new focus? On my wishlist (subconscious, listen up):
1. More art & travel stories
2. Stuff geared towards thoughtful tourism (a MeetManila advocacy) or responsible traveling
3. Music in Manila

Hodgepodge. I like the hodgepodge. :)

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