Never completely lost

Doing what you love can help with this. Doing what you love allows you to remember so well, to feel so closely how you have loved, that you can forget the space between yourself and the words you draw with. Forget the distance between you and everything, everyone, else. Love becomes transmutable. Freud knew this. Writing can be an effective replacement mechanism—and in its solitude, there is antidote for the deepest loneliness.
Lucy McKeon, "Meeting Joan Didion," the Paris Review

...how this essay made me miss writing, earnest writing, about the world and about life. I remember last year (and early this year) and how in the darkest of ruts, this blog was like an anchor.


  1. Amen. Hehehe.

    Ang challenge naman ngayon, umalis sa pag-a-anchor/ o pagtanggal ng anchor para makagalaw muli. :D

    Miss you dear. I will be reading your earnest writings soon.

    1. Doy! I love you for saying that, and today of all days. :)