Day of rest.

In the midst of all the finals craziness, decided to take it easy today and it's amazing how 12 hours can stretch:
  • Hiked
  • Had a good kopitiam breakfast w/ Karen and Geok Swan, my hiking-buddies & housemates
  • Went to Daiso (tell me, is it possible to get out of any Daiso store in any country empty-handed?!) & found me some tamago-cooking implements and a leatherette-bound notepad
  • Got some envelopes
  • Restocked on groceries
  • Watched one Dr. Who (bagong bisyo! Amy Pond is my new girl crush. As for Dr. Who, well how Brit and adorable can one get?) -- one, just one, else I want to stare at my final papers going down the drain.
  • Tried my hand at Herbed Chicken Soup - something like my ama used to make. It's definitely not as good as hers; it doesn't even come close -- but perhaps that bowl was a start?
  • Squeezed in some time to do the laundry & talk to the boyfriend

Quite a mundane list, I know, I wanted to jot them down to remind myself how blessed I am that I still got to find time for things like these in spite of life's hecticness. Plus, I also just entered my 30s and have probably spent all my money in the bank to get some education. Nonetheless, I want to celebrate these simple, joyful things I still get to enjoy.

Now, I think I'm ready for some work-work and schoolwork. Students and final papers, let's get it on.

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