This, too, shall pass.

It's amazing how much perspective can really change the way we go about our daily tasks. Yesterday, while in the midst of feeling so exhausted and wallowing in a little self-pity because I had let the sun go down and shine on me at work (what kind of a person does that? Other kinds. Not me! Certainly not me! *Cue in the tears.*), I bumped into my gorgeous Zizi Irene, who was about to time in for her 9am schedule.

I told her how miserable I felt; how tempted I was to just.walk.away.from.everything. Then she gave me a line - "This too shall pass." Biblical, I thought. Then she explained, "With all the bad things happening in my life now, a friend asked how I could still manage to be happy, I told her my secret, knowing that this too shall pass. Whatever is making you miserable now will no longer exist in a few months. Even that which is making you extra joyous - so cherish life, you know. So, you know what, whenever I see this person I don't like so much, in my head I utter, 'You too shall pass.' That's why I'm able to smile at her." (I love her very sunshiny snark. Haha! :D Zizi, you were the highlight of my day. Thanks mucho.)

So I told her I'll be applying it to my present situation - but I wasn't really buying it, other than probably chanting those same lines in my head as I look at my culprits in the eye. Useful? Probably.

About 6 hours later, while sleeping (I was on the night shift so this was in the middle of the afternoon) I got a call from a client, briefing me about the edits she wanted for this one article we just couldn't finish. Barely 2 hours of sleep and needing to report to work in less than 4 hours, it wasn't exactly the call I'd have wanted to get up for, even though on normal days I love this client.

I woke up 2 hours later, feeling the sore lack of sleep in each muscle. While preparing to shower, I remembered how last week my battlecry was "Walang hindi kaya." I was being Supergirl -- and I was so bent on extending that Supergirl-hood to this week, until I got sick over the weekend and had to stay in bed the whole time and cancel on my friends. Basically, my body just gave out, I had no weekend, and I couldn't even file a sick leave -- so started the self-pity.  As I was about to step out of the restroom, realizing the contrast between the two battlecries - from "Walang hindi kaya" to "This, too, shall pass," I started to burst out laughing and crying (crazy).

How does one go from wanting to do it all excellently to just wishing everything will be over and done with? You just have to laugh at that. And then that's when I started to feel okay; I found the funny. Thank You, Universe for these bouts of absurd insights. Thanks also for smart, loony, gorgeous and equally absurd friends.

Today, I ended up actually enjoying my floor support/ co-supervisory duty, finishing my reports quickly and going home 2 hours earlier. Woot! Small victories, for today at least. I hope I still have the funny tomorrow.

Life still ain't Hollywood though: I still need sleep and I still need to finish my article today. But, these, too, shall pass.


  1. Huwag natin isiping problema ang mga ibinibigay na pagsubok ng Diyos, kungdi isipin natin na ibinibigay nya ang pagsubok upang ihanda tayo sa isang mas malaking bagay na paparating sa ating Buhay. Maaaring iyon ay para sa isang malaking Project o mas magandang trabaho.

    Lagi natin isaisip na hindi tayo bibigyan ng Diyos ng pagsubok na hindi natin kayang lampasan, basta hingin lang natin gabay mula sa kanya. At lagi tayong manalangin upang hindi tayo magkamali sa mga desisyon na ating gagawin.

    Huwag natin akuin ang problema ng ibang tao, ibinigay iyun ng Diyos sa kanya upang kanyang lutasin. Minsan, pakiramdam natin hindi na nauubos mga problema, iyun ay sa dahilang pati na problema ng ibang tao, pinuproblema natin.

    Hindi matututo ang taong tinutulungan natin kung tayo mismo ang aako sa pagsubok na ibinigay sa kanya ng Diyos. Ang maitutulong lang natin sa kanila ay payuhan sa mga dapat niyang gawin at huwag tayo ang siyang aako ng kanyang Problema.

    Dahil kapag dumating naman ang panahon na tayo naman ang bibigyan ng Diyos ng pagsubok, magrereklamo tayo kung bakit hindi nauubos mga problema, actually, nagkaroon ng panahon na wala tayong problema, kaya lang, yung problema ng ibang tayo inako natin kaya pakiramdam natin hindi nawawala ang mga problema.

    Paminsan-minsan dapat matuto tayong tumanggi akuin ang problema o responsibilidad na ibinigay sa ibang tao upang hindi tayo magreklamo kapag dumating na yung pagsubok na ibibigay ng Diyos sa atin.

    Happy Week end and God Bless.

  2. Wala bang like button dito?!

  3. Don't worry Sistah.. You're funny naman! Hehehe! It's okay, we all have our battles. It's battle season ata eh... Thanks for this blog post!