My dapper dad working his dancing shoes, circa the 70s

"He was stylish and charming. He wore bell bottoms a lot and made ladies swoon." - Tita E.

A couple of years ago, I met Tita E. by chance while I was manning my tita's tiangge booth. She was a balikbayan on vacation and did work that involved providing humanitarian assistance in conflict areas. She had a chirpy personality and a radiant smile. Eventually, we got around to swapping names. It turned out she worked on a project in Quezon with my dad in the 70s. And not only did they work together according to her, my dad made her ligaw! I joked that she could have been my mom. 

This is my favorite photo of my dad (no one could tell me who the lady is, though). I think, around this time, Papa was doing work that he seriously loved. This. This is proof that some endeavors are worthwhile. 

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