Hawker treats #1

Soy Duck, Roti Jala, and Salted Veggies

Cheap duck rice -- one of those guilty pleasures I love having when I'm away from the Philippines. My housemate, Swan, took me to her favorite duck rice place -- a hawker area where you can get Chinese and Indian food. But the revelation was the salted veggies -- hangsarap! It's soft and just very lightly salted. Couture Foodie describes the dish as "melt in your mouth." I think it may be just an accurate description of the surprise this dish was.

Roti Jala is plain soft pancake-like rolled bread dipped in curry. Stumbled upon it while walking around the Central Market area (and it only set me back by about PhP24!). Hello, Kuala Lumpur. :)  

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