On the Philippine Cybercrime Law

Let's take a break from the usual light posts to say: this blog opposes the passage of the Cybercrime Law. This blog believes the law is a gag order on blog and social media users in and from the Philippines who, beginning Oct. 3, may be held liable for anything posted, retweeted, and even "liked."

This blog believes that the libel clause in the Cybercrime Law, in effect, is an E-Martial Law.

Photo from 1M Filipino Netizens Against the Cybercrime Law

Welcome to the Philippines, where we fight and crawl and beg for the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill (no resolution yet) and where a macho senator commits plagiarism without shame and pulls the rug from under the netizenry by inserting libel provisions on a law concerning internet use, making libel equal to child pornography and cybersex. 


  1. (likes secretly)

    1. tsk, tsk, wag masyadong malakas ang comment.

  2. CyberCrime Law is a sad news to the people who are leaving here in the Philippines. They are talking about our freedom. But, we need to be responsible in posting in our own account in facebook or twitter.

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