Signs that say you're probably adapting

1. You begin to find shortcuts, navigating building after building to get to where you're supposed to faster, no longer under the scorching heat of the sun which tortured you when you first arrived. You being to walk under covered roofs and navigate the terrain indoors.

2. You've built your own instincts -- no longer insisting on crossing the road on pedestrian lanes out of caution. Because you have started building a relationship with that street, making it with each passing day your street, you no longer look to the traffic light to say "it's safe."

3. Your taste buds have started to acculturate, you begin to crave for chilis and spices which have previously intimidated and you begin to understand, and even welcome, their concept of "breakfast food."

4. You start to tolerate certain smells. This is trickier: you can shut your eyes and down stuff with water, but how do you deal with culturally-offensive smells? When your insides no longer secretly gag and protest, perhaps you have most likely achieved a certain level of adaption?

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